What really is the purpose of the world’s tail-waggers with four paws? 

A Dog’s Purpose – Book by W. Bruce Cameron. Photo by Mitsu Fonseca

A Dog’s Purpose is a book written by W. Bruce Cameron, also known for his other humorous novels namely The Dog Master, A Dog’s Way Home and others.

Now, also made into a motion picture released by Universal Pictures and directed by Lasse Hallstrom, the film stars Denis Quaid, Britt Robertson and Josh Gad amongst others.

For the bibliophiles

A Dog’s Purpose was published in 2010 and was a New York Times bestseller for 49 weeks! In the novel, a puppy decides to find out his purpose on earth while through this journey of life.

Born as a stray, then holed up in a shelter and ultimately being put to sleep, he tries to search for that one purpose and learn important life lessons along the way.

He learns to identify when it’s best to run away from humans that mean harm, how to live in a pack and put that sixth sense to good use.

The pup is then born again as a different breed, in a different place and of a different sex! How a dog learns to adjust is what the author describes beautifully and in simple language, just like how a dog may speak to you if they could.

The life of the dog that stays with the reader throughout is that lived as Bailey. The relationship between Bailey and his favourite human is detailed well and will make your heart joyous.

Reading the book and going through each reincarnation of the dog is like journeying with the dog itself through its many lives trying to find its purpose.

The film

Whether you are a dog lover or not, A Dog’s Purpose is sure to tug at the strings of your heart and appreciate these furry bums around you.

Though the book is incredibly detailed about the lives of the dog, the movie tries to squeeze in much detail however falls short as it isn’t always possible to fit in everything from a book in under two hours.

It does however have a brilliant screenplay that has been co-written by the author himself, that makes you fall in love with the characters.

Just like the book, expect  quite a few chuckles and some teary-eyed moments.

A Dog’s Purpose – Book by W. Bruce Cameron. Photo by Mitsu Fonseca

Whether you read the book first or watch the movie, you’ll fall in love with Cameron’s effortless writing that draws the reader in, and Lasse Hallstrom’s direction that makes the movie difficult to look away from.

Bailey’s story will stay with you for long, no matter how you decide to learn about it. He’ll be your favourite doodle dog! 🙂