On the west coast of India, gazing at the colours that the sun splashed for me to see!

The wildflower that grows on the highway of adventure. – Unknown

I’m that restless and unpredictable Sagittarius. I have an unquenchable thirst for adventure and colourful food.

This blog will take you through stories of the places I visit, the food I find delectable or news that I wish to tell you about.

I’m the one who enjoys chasing sunsets, loves horses, dogs and polar bears, seafood and mountains!

Never say ‘no’ to adventures. – Ian Fleming

I love the Himalayas & I’m always yearning to go back to them all the time.

I’ve worked in broadcast journalism, internet technologies and telecommunications, and I love telling stories!

Someday I hope to have my own travel show & take people to places I’ve discovered, & explore the very long list that I’ve penned down.


Mitsu Fonseca