2017 marks ten years since the first iPhone was launched. What then can we expect from the makers of the ‘world’s best smartphone’ this time around?

Apple iPhone 6S. Photo by Mitsu Fonseca

Apple is expected to announce its latest product offerings later this month. This year however is special, as it has been ten years since the company launched the first iPhone, that went on to pave the path for new mobile technology and competition from a host of other brands.

The first iPhone was important as it was unveiled by Steve Jobs as an heir to the popular iPod, with call functionalities and as a computing device to use the Internet.

Evolution Of The iPhone, Courtesy of Gadgetsdeck.com

There has been considerable buzz amidst the developer community since the past couple of months of what Apple is most likely to unveil at their keynote address this year.

In fact, several videos of a prototype of the next iPhone have been surfacing for months.

New launches

To mark ten years since the first iPhone, 9to5Mac reports that a new iPhone X could be unveiled by the company – X being the Greek symbol for the number ten.

Besides this, contrary to what was expected, the successor to the iPhone 7 from last year might just be iPhone 8 instead of iPhone 7S as has been the naming trend followed by the company since the past couple of years.

Camera functionality is expected to be far superior to previous versions on the iPhone, as Apple is known to always up their game when it comes to capturing images and video.

In early August 2017, Apple’s shares reached a record high of $159.69 per share, on the back of strong third quarter earnings. Strong sales of new products as well as discounts on existing ones in certain markets, could help bolster earnings for the company in the next few months.

Reports suggest that Apple’s premium anniversary offering in 2017 – the iPhone X – may cost a staggering $1000.

Though most developers and Apple enthusiasts are thrilled ahead of the new launches, Ian Sherr of CNET warns against keeping one’s hopes to high, since the company has become predictable and changes to the new iPhone may just be as expected and boring.

It’s just a matter of days before the world knows of Apple’s newest products and we can hope that the company has one for the mid-price bracket too. Until then, speculations will remain rife.