What made Conor McGregor immensely popular in a really short time and why is he one of the most sought after brands?

Conor McGregor. Photo courtesy: Mount Wall via Flickr. All rights reserved.

From being a trained plumber in Dublin to becoming a hugely popular Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter, Conor McGregor is that one Irish ‘brand’ that others want to work with even outside of the sports arena.

How is he a crowd-favourite while still in his twenties and irrespective of his wins or losses?

After a humble upbringing in the Dublin suburb of Crumlin, Conor McGregor trained in competitive mixed martial arts after boxing.

There’s something about this man that instantly has people’s attention. May be it’s his genuineness that comes across easily. May be it’s the way he deals with the media. He’s outspoken, super confident, boastful and has a presence that’s hard to not notice.


One cannot deny that Conor knows how to conduct himself and has learned how to make people love him for who he is. Notorious or not, this Irishman sure has the backing of a nation that hadn’t had an MMA champion before.

This trash-talker as he is usually referred to, has surely been able to rake in the money for what he’s worth. He can openly challenge anyone, and people will buy tickets to watch him fight. He’s doesn’t seem to hide his real self from the audience and tells it like it is. And, his fighting style sure is unique.

No other Irish MMA fighter has been as accomplished as the hunky Irishman.

Before debuting in the professional boxing arena, he challenged retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather to a match in March 2017, whom he had been hurling insults at since his early Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) days.

The hype surrounding his boxing debut with a world champion who had in fact retired in 2015, landed him several deals from brands that wanted to use his brand image.

According to Forbes who named him the 24th highest paid athlete of the year, spunky McGregor is one of the wealthiest amongst MMA fighters in the world, having earned $34 million in 2017 through UFC and brand endorsements.

Though he lost his first professional boxing match to 50 times undefeated Mayweather in August 2017, he pocketed a massive $30 million for himself.

There’s more, reports state that he went all out and partied with those who came to support him, and settled the £77,000 tab at the bar! He lost that day, but one thing’s  for sure, support from his fans may have certainly grown stronger.

He is the face of brands not even remotely linked to sport in the real sense. Post his loss to Mayweather in August, he’s all set to launch his own whiskey – Notorious.

Conor is also set to launch his own fashion line in collaboration with American clothier David August in January 2018.

And here he is convincing the world to use this toothpaste.

The guy’s also on a plane. Like literally.

There’s also an app to hear him trash talking. Though some may cringe, there are thousands who love him for that.

He’s badass, but he’s good for business. He knows what he wants and he’s not afraid to go get it. That’s McGregor for you. That’s what his fans love him for and that’s the brand image that other brands aren’t afraid to invest in.